How do I use the device?

That's quite easy, as we want to make self-testing available for all. Just provide a sample of gargle water and introduce it in the inlet of the device. Activate the heating system by turning the knob and then wait 30 mins. A colour change will indicate the presence (yellow) or absence (red) of the pathogen of choice. For more, check our Technology section.

For which diseases can I test myself?

Right now, our technology is most suitable for testing the status of COVID 19 infections. In the future, our assay menu will include other respiratory viruses such as RSV and Influenza A and B. Alongside those, we want to expand the testing abilities to infectious agents particularly problematic in low-resource areas, such as malaria, tuberculosis and STIs.

When can I expect to buy the multiplex device?

In vitro diagnostic devices need to undergo strict validation and testing rounds, as we want to offer the most robust device possibile. We plan to complete the evaluation procedures by Q3 2024, and to start production by end of 2024.


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